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Cannes-Mandelieu Airport ( LFMD )
City Access
 Runway Quality  
The only downside here was they didn't have room to park me on tarmac, so I had to park on grass. I was there with a DA40, though, so it wasn't a problem. The best airport restaurant I've ever eaten at. A GREAT place to re-fuel if you are flying between northern France/Germany and Italy. Handling is not required. Fueling is either at the station (avgas) or by truck (JetA). You have to do an on-line briefing before you land there. They just want to make sure you understand their arrival procedure and circuit for noise abatement purposes. Obviously, watch out for the film festival and race days during the summer, as you may not get a landing slot or parking then. Also check the met, as they can get fog blowing in. The landing is almost always ILS for circle to land, and the mins are not very low. There is terrain surrounding the field, so be sure you have the weather with you.