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Mohed Airport (ESUM), Sweden
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Average Rating :
Elevation 215ft
Runway lightning are turned on by a 10 sec radio silence then push the send button three times within five seconds.  
Runway length is 800 meters and asphalt. 
Runways are 12-30. 
Beware of turbulence on short final for runway 30. 
The wind sock is located north of the runway near the threshold for runway 12.
Beware of the hills on downwind and base for runway 12. 
The safe pattern altitude for runway 12 is at least 1200ft. 
Runway 30 has a 200m grass extension for emergency use. 

Supplier Type Price Per Payment Date Comments
Hjelmco UL91 kr22.00 liter Cash 29 Aug 2013
by lenkin08
Call Kent for fuel on 46 70-661 06 11 There is only Avgas 91/96 unleaded Cash only
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