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Helgoland-Düne Airport (EDXH), Germany
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Average Rating :

Supplier Type Price Per Payment Date Comments
Total 100LL €1.94 liter CashCredit CardDebit card 16 Mar 2015
by Steve6443
Fuel isn't guaranteed so check the website to confirm availability, Refuelling until half an hour before airfield closes.
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Weight Landing Handling 24h Parking Pax Date Comments
1.00Ton - 1.20Ton €11.00 €0.00 €0.00 €0.00 16 Mar 2015
by Steve6443
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Type Length Orientation Comments
concrete 1312 Feet 15/33 (Add Comment) Edit   View   
concrete 1217 Feet 3/21 (Add Comment) Edit   View   
concrete 846 Feet 6/24 (Add Comment) Edit   View   


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