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Oxford (Kidlington) Airport (EGTK), United Kingdom
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A professionally run airport with sensible pricing for GA aircraft. A nice terminal area, long runway and IFR approaches. Radar operates usually weekdays during the days - otherwise IFR procedural services. 

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Type Length Orientation Comments
asphalt 4327 Feet 1/19 (Add Comment) Edit   View   
grass 2887 Feet 3/21 (Add Comment) Edit   View   
grass 2887 Feet 9/27 (Add Comment) Edit   View   
asphalt 2493 Feet 11/29 (Add Comment) Edit   View   


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City Access
Runway Quality
31 Aug 2013
by jasoncuk
As a based operator, I find the airport to be well run and efficient. Long opening hours for a UK airport and a long well-surfaced runway. Circuit less busy than other large GA airports to the NW of London. Crosswind very common given 01/19 RWY orientation but the cross runway now appears to be avai... View

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