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London Biggin Hill Airport (EGKB), United Kingdom
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London Biggin Hill is relatively well suited for general aviation access to London.  There's a bus service (320) that stops in front of the airport gate, and takes you to Bromley railway station.  Total travel time is less than one hour.

There's a self refuelling station with Avgas and Jet-A1.  Payment with local account card or credit/debit card.
Supplier Type Price Per Payment Date Comments
ohavrnseimg Mogas - 98RON £0.00 liter 19 Apr 2017
by Anonymous
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Self refuel instructions by philippevd - 16-Jun-2014

Airport fees are clearly posted on this page.

Weight Landing Handling 24h Parking Pax Date Comments
0.80Ton - 1.70Ton £31.44 £0.00 £14.76 £0.00 21 May 2015
by css
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asphalt 2598 Feet 11/29 (Add Comment) Edit   View   


Categories Review scores Date Comments
City Access
Runway Quality
16 Jun 2014
by philippevd
Very GA-friendly airfield with professional service. View
City Access
Runway Quality
22 Dec 2013
by bmeese
THE GA airport for London. No handling required, but the ground staff is very helpful, anyway. Very professional. Customs is quick, but fill out the General Aviation Report (GAR) form beforehand to make it quicker (on-line: https://contact-ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/customs-travel/beforetravel/general-a... View

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