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Murtala Muhammed International Airport (DNMM), Nigeria
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Weight Landing Handling 24h Parking Pax Date Comments
0.00 - 0.00 $19.00 $200.00 Must $0.00 $0.00 08 Sep 2013
by Katamarino
Handling was negotiated down from $300. Nav fees are also payable, minimum of $75 per flight. Exact formula is in Nigherian AIP. Check invoices carefully; they tried to overcharge us by $900 for the Nav fees.
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Type Length Orientation Comments
asphalt 12794 Feet 18R/36L (Add Comment) Edit   View   
asphalt 8997 Feet 18L/36R (Add Comment) Edit   View   


Categories Review scores Date Comments
Runway Quality
08 Sep 2013
by Katamarino
It was huge fun to taxi around a 787 and park up at the International terminal next to an A340 and a B777, in a C182. The rest of the experience was not so great. I would not go back if I could avoid it! Landing fees are great value, but handling and nav fees are high. As you'd expect with a major a... View

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Sky Watch These are a handling agent, not FBO. They had everything set up for a quick transit; a gate at the international terminal for our C182, and all the required immigration and customs staff to meet us at the aircraft. Unfortunately they did not check the invoice, and tried to overcharge us by $900 for Nav fees. This threw them, and the young guy from Sky Watch had no idea what to do. He led me aimlessly around the tarmac for 45 minutes arguing with police and immigration to try and get me in to visit the commercial office, and more than two hours after that to try and sort out the issue and leave. We negotiated their fee in advance from $300 to $200. This was still a little high given the problems with the service.
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