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Port Bouet Airport (DIAP), Cote d'Ivoire
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Average Rating :

Supplier Type Price Per Payment Date Comments
Total Jet A1 $1.00 liter Cash 03 Sep 2013
by Katamarino
http://stemmeries.xyz norsk kasino http://stemmeries.xyz - norsk kasino
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Weight Landing Handling 24h Parking Pax Date Comments
0.00Ton - 2.00Ton $1.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 03 Sep 2013
by Katamarino
Yes, that's right; $1. However, the guy preparing the bill was so slow and inefficient that I would not be surprised if he got it entirely wrong, so be warned!
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Type Length Orientation Comments
asphalt 9843 Feet 3/21 (Add Comment) Edit   View   


Categories Review scores Date Comments
Runway Quality
03 Sep 2013
by Katamarino
While the aero club were great, the airport itself is a pain. Security is worse than we had seen anywhere in West Africa; we had to apply for security badges and wait a day just to return to the aircraft. Luckily this fitted with our plans. It took well over an hour to file a flight plan and pay our... View

Restaurants & Hotels

Name Type Location Opening Hours Price Internet Access Comments
Manhatten Suites Hotel 15.00km Away $75.00 - $75.00 Free WiFi Clean, comfortable hotel (if you'll forgive the plastic-wrapped mattresses). There is a restaurant on the top floor, and a free hotel shuttle is offered. The hotel owner was visiting from New York, and treated us to dinner as well as driving us to the airport personally the following day.
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Name Services Website Comments
Aeroclub Abidjan Flight training http://www.acabidjan.com/ The Aeroclub at Abidjan is fantastic. They gave us overnight parking, organised our transport and security, and walked us through the airport procedures, all for no fee. Truly warm and friendly people who are to be commended! The club also has a great cafe.
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