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Kotoka International Airport (DGAA), Ghana
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AeroGEM Handling http://www.aerogemaviation.com/ This handling agent arranged the permits for us (instructed by our permit agent, who is excellent), and then carried out ground handling for us. The permits were carried out with no problem, but the ground handling was disappointing. We were squeezed into a small car with all our luggage and, for some reason, 3 AeroGEM staff (only one of whom did anything). On return to the airport AeroGEM staff pointed us in the direction of immigration/security but then abandoned us and we did not see them again until we reached the gate. All other handlers I have worked with assist and escort through the terminal which would have made a big difference. By the time we left they still could not tell us the bill (we were paying by bank transfer) despite saying that we could pay on the spot with dollars. I'm not sure how we could pay if they did not know the amount. They have promised to email us and said the price for the stop in a C182 is expected to be around $1,000. This is more then double what we paid anywhere else and will be strongly disputed when they eventually send an invoice!
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